What we do

We strategise, design, build and launch digital solutions.

Digital strategy


From day one, we look to understand your industry, market & consumer to identify needs & opportunities against business goals. This will include market studies, customer interviews and interviews and workshops with your stakeholders to understand your current proposition. In parallel, our technologists will hold workshops to understand your current capabilities and systems.

Proposition & solution definition

To ensure every user interaction delivers measurable business value, we clearly define the digital proposition and identify business and solution goals and KPIs. We will then define what success looks like for your first and subsequent launches and will work closely with your marketing team to develop the right product roadmap.


We work with all parts of your organisation to determine the architecture which fits most appropriately to your product strategy. Understanding the business domain ensures we can deliver solutions which scale functionally as well as technically.

High level design

In advance of specific feature or screen design, we first define the product by validating and testing the concept, mapping the customer experience across all touchpoints and setting the creative direction inline with your business brand and latest digital design trend for optimised user engagement. We use a series of tools and workshops including experience mapping, design sprints, brand reviews, prototyping and continued user testing.


User experience

Create the most value for each user interaction by using scientific approaches to designing and testing a user's flow through the site with a deep understanding of the purpose, functionality and layout of each page.

User interface design

Connect with your users. Our design team will execute your brand’s digital creative direction to each page to engage and help users throughout their experience.

Systems design

Evolving the design of a system so it reacts to change is a core principle in agile software development. We believe in leading the design of the system based upon the business needs of your organisation. Governance is managed using the correct tools, process and documentation to maintain high levels of transparency.


Interface & application development

Perfect execution of designs to bring the digital product to life. Our expert front end development team will utilise our Brisk Development Framework and other technologies to rapidly deliver your MVP and more.

Digital integration services

The fastest route to market when realising business transformation is through the integration of industry leading digital platforms. Customisation and integration of digital platforms is in E2X's DNA. E2X partners with digital platform providers such as commercetools, an enterprise headless commerce platform.

Infrastructure engineering

Ensuring that the systems running your business are secure, scalable and efficient is a vital part of serving customers. We have the experience in deploying and managing production systems in cloud or traditional data centers alike. Automation and infrastructure-as-code are key principles which enable us to provide consistency and confidence.

Bespoke development

Complex software engineering problems provide us with our favourite challenges. Sometimes there is no solution available off-the-shelf; we offer services to develop, deploy and support the right solution for your business proposition. All development is backed by a home-grown test automation suite from our sister company Test Evolve.


Analytics & evolution

Grow and build your digital solution by reviewing and re-prioritising your roadmap against user feedback and analytics. Use this roadmap to execute short cycles of design and development to regularly release new features and improvements.

Application managed services

Specialist eCommerce expertise post-implementation; responding to critical system incidents. Working across different time zones and on a 24/7 basis, the team safeguards the ongoing health, performance and accessibility of your investment.

Our accelerators

At E2X we pride ourselves on effective and quality delivery. This applies not just to our delivery team, but also our delivery tooling. We have built a series of tools to enable our developers to operate in a fast and efficient manner and reduce repetition of the standard tasks between projects. This means each project focusses on the custom development activities rather than the common setup and development tasks.


The ability to seamlessly and continuously build, verify and deploy our software is something that we have come to rely on to ensure our claim to quality is maintained. We have created and refined our build tools using and applying over a decade's worth of experience to create a slick and consistent build system that is flexible and pluggable.

Integration Hub

The E2X Integration Hub is an accelerator technology for connecting the numerous data providers and consumers in a complex retail/eCommerce environment. It was developed in response to the need to support rapid implementations of commerce solutions in today’s hybrid computing infrastructures.


Brisk is the head for the headless world. A collection of fully tested core resusable components using best in breed technology to decrease development time but not quality.

Test Evolve

Our full lifecycle automated QA tool helps cut costs through the reduction of manual regression testing, enhanced tracability of requirements against tests and increased effectiveness of the test team, speeding up agile delivery.

See Test Evolve for more information.

Custom delivery framework

We work closely with our clients to define the project approach. Our delivery team are experts at what they do and utilise the latest method, but with an added strategic focus. From strategy to build, we don’t just prioritise on time and complexity - we add an additional lens by continually analysing and prioritising against the measurable value that a feature will deliver.